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What to see

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Nightscape photography, wide field astrophotography and landscape photos in visible or even in IR spectrum !


Making photo stories

Starting years ago with a Zenit E and one  Helios 50mm Lens I realized that I would be in a bad mess with  photography. After doing a lot of testing, changing my equipment often and making several pauses in my engagement with this hobby, in 2018 the time has come to attend classes in the photography department, it woke me up again and made me realize that I was not only fascinated by the moment of the photo but also behind the story of  how I took it, where I went, when, with whom, the route, the gastronomy, the local culture and civilization, the place and the time of shooting and what it has to do until the photo comes out of my printer finally. So after several short or long trips I told myself that landscape photography and especially night astrophotography was what I always wanted. I spent several summers as a child in my village away from lights and the night sky I would say has marked me ever since. For many years now, together with friends and especially through the local cultural hub of my city "The Messolonghi of the Locals" @Messolonghi By Locals, we have been making nights open to everyone with telescopes observing celestial objects, planets, nebulae or galaxies. But all I want for now, is through my personal experiences or quoting historical data at the same time with the shooting, to create my own story behind my photos. Come join my journey and be a part of my frame if possible! Thank you in advance for the wonderful messages and comments on my page, you give me strength and especially the motivation I need to keep on!

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